How to Position Home Security Cameras

Published: 14th July 2010
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You want to purchase the latest video surveillance cameras and home security monitoring system. You think you have found the best technology and the sales person promises you won't need anything else to secure your property. Video surveillance cameras are one of the best home security options, but if they are not installed correctly, you are wasting money!

Before you make a decision about home security cameras, assess the threats to your house and property. You need to know a general idea of where the cameras will be before you can purchase them. Knowing about where the video surveillance cameras should be placed will help you decide which kind of cameras you need. Look around your property and decide where a thief is likely to break in.

Also look for places to which you would like to provide a little extra security. You may want to place one or two additional home security cameras in this area. A thief can destroy one camera or move into the camera's blind spot, but several cameras will be more difficult to disarm. However, a thief destroying multiple cameras will alert home security companies before he or she can make it inside your home.

Avoid positioning the video surveillance camera so high that you cannot see the person's face. Many people installing a home surveillance system will try to place the cameras high enough that they cannot be tampered with, but are so high the camera can only see the top of the intruder's head. This is useless in identifying a person who broke into your home. Plan to place the home security cameras at a 45 degree angle for optimal video surveillance.

Do not try to skimp on your home security system! Low resolution video surveillance cameras may not work well in the dark and will produce a fuzzy picture. When looking for information about a person who broke into your home, you need the best quality video. You cannot positively identify a thief from a few grainy clips.

Avoid using too many motion sensors. You only want the video surveillance cameras to start rolling when there is a serious threat to your home or property. More motion detectors will mean more false results and a higher chance you will miss something important. Again, motion sensors should only trigger when your home is in danger.

Put careful consideration into the decision to install hidden video surveillance cameras. While there is a lot of debate about this, many people believe a thief seeing surveillance cameras can be a deterrent. Covert cameras will catch the person committing the crime, but will not stop a crime from being committed in the first place. The best home security systems prevent crime from happening!

If you feel uncomfortable installing your own home security cameras, call the experts. You should not take chances with the security of your family, property and home. Call professional home security companies to evaluate your property and install your cameras and monitoring system. They will ensure your cameras are set up properly and ready to use. A malfunctioning video surveillance camera will not help you during a break in.

There are a number of considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a home surveillance system. The latest home security technology is no good if the cameras are positioned incorrectly or are not functioning. When in doubt, call the experts for a helping hand!

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