Make Your Wedding Day Sweet

Published: 10th August 2010
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You're getting married - congratulations! After you pick the perfect wedding date, the ideal wedding colors and a menu that's just right, it's time to start thinking about your wedding favors.

Making a candy buffet or candy centerpieces is a sweet way to thank your guests for sharing your special day. Everyone loves candy and edible wedding favors are always memorable!

Candy Buffet
To create the perfect candy wedding favors, consider making a candy buffet. It is interactive and allows guests to pick their favorite sugary treats. Start by visiting a craft store to find glass vases and bowls. Remember, your guests will need to reach all of the candy in the vase, so do not choose anything with a narrow neck or mouth.

Next, visit a bulk candy store to find the perfect candies for your vases. Try to choose candies that reflect your wedding colors. Bring the vases along to ensure you have enough candy to fill each one. After you choose the candy, head to a kitchen supply store to find metal scoops for any unwrapped candies.

Fill the bowls with personalized chocolate wedding favors! Specialty candy bar wrappers are unique wedding favors your friends aren't likely to think of for their receptions. You can order gourmet chocolate wedding favors with wrappers to match your wedding theme or choose wrappers that feature your names, wedding date and photo. Just make sure you order enough chocolate bars that everyone can grab one!

Cellophane bags and ribbons are the last items you will need, and you can find both at a paper supply store. Get one bag for each guest, plus a few extras, and enough ribbon to tie a little note to each bag. At home, print out short thank you notes, punch a hole in the note and tie it to the bag.

On your wedding day, fill the vases with candy, place the chocolate bars in bowls, lay cellophane bags around the vases and watch your guests enjoy their treats!

Candy Wedding Centerpieces
Candy wedding centerpieces are another great ways to give your guests unique candy wedding favors. Begin by picking the containers you will use for centerpieces. They can be colorfully painted tins, glass bowls or baskets.

Cut out Styrofoam blocks to fit into the centerpiece container. The block should reach as close to the top of the container as possible, as candy used in wedding centerpieces is not tall. Start placing the candy into your Styrofoam block. Begin with a few large lollipops, rock candy or novelty lollipops (maybe ones that feature a bride and groom!).

Next, mix in a variety of personalized chocolate bars. This added touch to your candy wedding favors will be appreciated by all of your guests. Make sure you have enough chocolate bar wedding favors for each guest to take one. Everyone loves candy bars and will want to take one home with them! If you do not want to mix the chocolate bars into your wedding centerpiece, consider putting one at each place setting.

Grab a few curling ribbons and wrap them in floral wire. Leave a small wire tail and place the ribbons in the Styrofoam as well. Try to use ribbons that complement your wedding colors. Set aside a few loose curling ribbons to decorate the table.

Candy can make perfect wedding favors on a budget. Wedding favors should be small tokens of your appreciation and should not be one of the most expensive elements to your wedding! Inexpensive personalized wedding favors made from candy are great alternatives that your guests and your wallet will love them!

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