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Published: 21st July 2010
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B2B marketing has increasingly shifted onto the Internet and the role of B2B internet marketing grows larger every day. Manufacturers, service providers and suppliers need to connect with their industrial audience where that audience is looking for products and services - online.

There are many aspects to focus on when planning online B2B marketing campaigns and, like all things involving the Internet, those aspects are often in a state of flux. Many marketing pros agree, however, that it is possible to make an immediate start on improving the ability to connect to your audience by honing in on a few core tactics such as those shown below.

Online events

Online events such as webinars, conferences and virtual trade shows are not only cost-effective, they are highly measurable alternatives to the more traditional trade shows and conferences. From the convenience of their own computers and offices, members of your audience can view your virtual event. This eliminates the significant costs associated with a location-based trade show or conference, while still enabling you to connect with your targeted market across the globe. Your virtual event can include presentations, chat, video and other interactivity.

Website landing pages

Website landing pages are specifically designed to convert visitors into qualified leads. According to some online marketing experts, the best way to use landing pages is to develop online marketing campaigns with an offer in mind - such as a white paper, invitation to a webinar, product trial or other valuable content. The offer leads prospects to landing pages where you can gather contact information when they register for your offer.

Social Media

Although finding the best, most effective way to use social media within the context of B2B can be a challenge, this latest addition to online B2B marketing shows a great deal of promise. Each company needs to tailor a social media campaign to their specific industry and audience, but there are two crucial steps everyone can take before devising a social media strategy. First, research and find out who exactly makes up your online audience. Secondly, study and learn from your competitor's social media campaigns.

Once you do launch a social media campaign, remember to keep it content rich, and also to continually listen to your audience's response to that content.

E-newsletter advertisements

Advertising in e-newsletters helps you to reach targeted audiences, directing interested prospects to landing pages on your website. For the industrial marketer, successful e-newsletter advertising depends on finding the right e-newsletter - one that is targeted precisely to the audience you want to reach so you communicate to the right people and use your marketing dollars wisely. The advantage of third-party e-newsletters is that the publisher handles the production, distribution and list management. You only need to provide the content!

The results from all these online tactics will be reaching your target audience and generating sales leads. Each tactic will also provide you with a measurable return on your online B2B marketing investment. By focusing on building your online marketing strategy, you will become more familiar with your audience while building your brand.

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