The Importance of Durability and Ergonomics in Knobs and Handles

Published: 10th August 2010
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Construction workers need durable, ergonomic knobs and handles to do their jobs. They work hard building homes, office buildings, theaters, malls and much more; durable machine knobs can reduce on the job injuries and pain.

From back injuries and accidental exposure to toxins to work-related hearing loss, construction sites can be a dangerous place to work. Pain caused by non-ergonomic handles and knobs can easily be combated.

Construction workers are most susceptible to musculoskeletal injuries. This covers any injury that impacts the muscles, joints and bones. These injuries cause more than one-third of lost workday injuries and are responsible for about half of construction workers' workman's compensation claims.

Machine handles should be cylindrical or oval whenever possible. The average diameter should be between 30 and 40 millimeters. For precision work, use an industrial handle with a 5 to 12 millimeter diameter; and when more torque is needed, the handle diameter should be between 50 and 60 millimeters.

To reduce compression on the middle of the palm, make sure the handle you purchase is long enough. It should extend across the entire hand, and measure between 115 and 120 millimeters. If your workers need to wear gloves while operating the handle, it should be even longer.

The material and texture of your industrial handles and knobs also makes a big difference. Construction workers must have sufficient friction between their hands and the handle or knob. Too little friction and the worker's hand will slip off, while too much friction will make the equipment handles or knobs difficult to operate. It is important to make sure the friction level is correct whether the worker is wearing gloves or has sweaty hands.

Try to avoid equipment knobs and handles with glossy coatings or a high polish. Plastic handles are the best choice for your industrial handles and knobs. Any sharp edges on your knobs or handles should be either be covered with tape to prevent potential accidents or replaced with a more ergonomic option.

The best way to reduce injuries and lost work days, construction company owners and on-site foremen need to seriously consider purchasing equipment with ergonomic and durable industrial knobs and handles.

Knob manufacturers have made great progress in creating the ideal profiles of knobs and handles for construction equipment. These handles and knobs are able to withstand the most demanding requirements of tough machines. Truly durable knobs and handles should be able to work even after exposure to tough outdoor environments, and still meet human ergonomic needs.

The best knob manufacturers can make industrial handles and knobs for a variety of applications, including commercial loaders, trailers and graders; contractor equipment, such as loaders; utility vehicles; power equipment; accessories and attachments; and much more. Before you choose a knob manufacturer, make sure it offers the right kind of knobs and handles for your needs.

Construction workers have a tough job; why not make it a little easier with durable, ergonomic knobs and handles? Look for handles and knobs that will reduce compression on workers' hands while creating the right amount of friction. Taking the extra time to seek out the knob manufacturer to best fit your needs will pay for itself in reduced workman's compensation claims.

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